Life changing kitchen gadget: The Steamer

One of the biggest challenges I had in moving to our new place is how to manage all of my kitchen stuff.  Kitchen gadgets are my weakness, and our new kitchen has far less cabinet space than my old apartment’s did.  In comes IKEA, The Fella and I converted what were once intended to be bedroom armoires into pantry space.  It’s a tight space, but with exception to a waffle maker I hadn’t used in years, every kitchen-y doo-dad that I love made the cut…including my steamer.

In addition to veggies and tofu, I have become obsessed with steaming eggs.

Seriously.  Just give it a shot.  I did not invent this trick, but I feel a moral obligation to pass it on to you. STOP BOILING YOUR EGGS!!!
We go through a crazy amount of hard-boiled in our house, so I’m always looking for a way to make giant batches at a time. The answer to my prayers is obviously my steamer!

I bought this steamer at a Wal-Mart last winter for some ridiculous price. $10, maybe?
I just pour a wee bit of water in the bottom, set the timer for 30-minutes, and voila perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs that are AMAZINGLY easy to peel. I have never peeled a boiled egg so easily.

Feel free to make out with your steamer now. It deserves a little love.




Trader Joe’s High Fiber Cereal, 2% milk and banana
Coffee from my new Nespresso U machine!


I made a huge pot of vegetable soup the other day. My favorite cool weather food. I <3 soup season.
Hard-boiled eggs.


Groupon is responsible for pretty much all of our date nights. We hit up a cute little Italian eatery in the Financial district for a Pizza making class and wine tasting. Since The Fella doesn’t drink wine I left feeling super-de-duper. Luckily it wore off rather quickly.

Thank you Groupon!

Exercise: B-day strength training and 45-minutes on the elliptical