Sunday mornings are typically for sleeping in, cuddling, sipping coffee and perhaps watching a cartoon or two. BUT this past Sunday The Fella and I woke up at 6am, slapped on some spandex and got on a van with a group of strangers so that we could frolic around the foliage of Pennsylvania.

By frolic I mean run around in a harness jumping from wooden plank to wooden plank, swinging from ropes 40ft above the ground and zip-lining from one part of the woods to another. Roy had a birthday last month and that boy is just about the hardest person on the planet to shop for. Instead of getting him a thing I decided to subject him to physical trials and tribulations.

He loved it. The only thing that could have made him happier was if there were crocodiles snapping away under the obstacle courses and perhaps an Indiana Jones hat.

I loved it too which TOTALLY
surprised me. I’m not what one might call daring. I am what one might call clumsy/klutzy/unable-to-walk-on-flat-surfaces-without-face-planting. Obviously I was a little nervous that I was going to die. I did not as evidenced by my writing this post. In fact I won the obstacle course. Roy and I finished the seven obstacle courses about an hour and a half before the rest of the group. I happened to land on solid ground before him which means I won, because it’s a competition, but really I probably would have puttered around staring wide-eyed at the ropes course if I hadn’t felt some sort of competitive need to dominate my army-trained manfriend.

Happy Birthday!

Just to exhibit a modicum of humbleness there was one particular course; six swinging logs with little foot holds at the bottom to stand on, that one had to hold on to and simultaneously climb to the next that freaked me out to the point that I sat down on my foot holdings and refused to budge. Eventually after 15-minutes or so of manic whining I got across and decided I was a warrior.

These suckers are the devil.

This is me being super-duper excited to be on something with a ground

While we waited for the rest of the group to catch up we ate some lunch, tried out a self-propelled roller coaster (awesome! Kind of felt like the dry land equivalent to bob sledding) and did a 1000ft zip-line that didn’t require walking a tightrope to get to.

I secretly wish that I had worn my heart rate monitor, because it was far more of a workout than I had anticipated. I’m a wee bit sore today.
From this I’m taking the knowledge that I like outdoorsy things. I’ve always considered myself more of a climate controlled/padded surfaces kind of girl, but I really enjoyed rolling around in the outside. Maybe I should try more outdoor stuff. Perhaps I’ll start with hiking, because really hiking is glorified walking and I have a hard enough time walking.

I have no idea how I’m going to top this next year!