Stolen from Pinterest

I’m currently reading Alicia Silverstone’s vegan manifesto, The Kind Diet. I don’t know why I read so many vegan books, I don’t have any current plans to become vegan. Maybe one day, who knows. Everyone has their quirks I suppose, and mine is reading vegan books on a regular basis. Anyhoo, our lovely friend from Clueless spends a lot of her page real estate talking about the importance of eating seasonally. Her argument is that our bodies are intelligent forces, and that the foods that will serve them in the climate they are currently residing in are the ones growing currently in said climate.

Makes sense I suppose.

There’s just one problem: I have no idea what grows in what climate. There are certain fruits and vegetables that exist year round in my grocery store: apples (fall), oranges (fall/winter), strawberries (spring/summer), zucchini (summer), heck even butternut squash has a year round presence. I’m more apt to wander aimlessly through the stands of the farmer’s markets that pop up citywide in the summer months. Come winter I’m all about hopping from one warm building to another.

As things start to cool down I can see that we’re eating fewer salads and more soups. Hearty meals take the place of the light bites we ate in the summer. In that sense I agree with Alicia, there are foods that are cold weather foods and foods that are warm weather foods, but I’m not sure I’m entirely ready to give up tomatoes a summer food in my stews, or eggplant or berries—both of which are spring/summer foods.

I’ve printed out the list above, and placed on our refrigerator as a little reminder to myself and The Fella to be mindful of the planet and its plants when we shop. I really like the idea of eating locally and seasonally as much as possible—but I’m not giving up bananas or tomatoes. I don’t care what season it is.

Do you eat seasonally or stick to what you like year round?


Pumpkin oatmeal: ½ cup rolled oats cooked in almond milk, with 2 Tbsp. of pureed pumpkin, and a dash of maple syrup.
Topped with walnuts.


Tofurky on TJ’s Sprouted Grain bread, tomato, mustard,
and a side of watermelon (my last stitch effort to taste summer)


Eggplant, chick pea, seitan curry (I used TJ’s Curry Simmer Sauce)
over brown rice

Exercise: Rest Day