I start off every month doing two things. The first is saying to myself, “Holy crappola, how is it January/February/March/April/May/June/July/August/Septemeber/October/November/December already?” Then I read my detailed Astrologyzone.com horoscope. Seeing as how I’m a Capricorn it always says pretty much the same thing: Dear Capricorn, you’re going to work, work, workidy-work this month. Sometimes being the work horse (or goat) of the zodiac isn’t particularly exciting, but at least for the last year it has been relatively true.

September was the first real break in crazy stress I’ve had in a long time, and now that I’m back from my well-needed vacation it’s time to get back to my Capricorn ways, at least for the time being. I’m in the homestretch of book stuff now. I’m now in the revising stage, which is a whole new level of “Wow, this is hard, why did I decide to do this” but I can see the finish line in sight. So, as you may be expecting my first resolution for October is:

  1. Finish book revisions. You have no idea how much I can’t wait to have a finished manuscript! I’m incredibly lucky to have this opportunity, and although I’ve been super-duper secretive about what my memoir is about, I really hope that the final product will be something that is both an enjoyable read and will help people come to terms with their own personal hardships.

But, that’s boring, and even Capricorns can’t be all work and no play, so the here are some of my other goals for this month:

  1. Rock my Jessica Rabbit Halloween costume. The skin tight sequined dress is in my possession, and it is probably the sexiest I’ve ever dared to be on Halloween. Please note that I once rocked a ‘Conservatively Dressed Hooters Waitress’ costume. Since the first phase of book writing meant a few too many pints of ice cream and way less exercise than I’m used to, I’m going to aim to up my gym time. Well, I’ve already upped my gym time, but now that I’m back to days of sitting at a computer, I aim to maintain my gym time uppage.
  2. Techno Timeout. One of the best things about my vacation earlier this month (other than the eye pus, which was super exciting) was how free I felt from my technological bindings. The smartphones, e-mail, and social media sites that are meant to make our lives easier and connect us all can sometimes feel, at least to me, like chains I just can’t escape. I’ve decided to make Sundays in October digital detox days, meaning no phone, no email, no scouring Google Reader for updates of my favorite blogs. Book reading, cooking, conversation and cuddling—that’s what I’m prescribing for this month.
  3. Leave nice reviews. I realized recently that I only tend to leave reviews on sites like Amazon or Yelp when I have experienced bad service. How unfair is that to the companies that provide me with great service on a daily basis? This month is about accentuating the positive—just not on my digital detox day.
  4. Dress like a grown up. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I spend most of my days in yoga pants and tank tops. Working from home has a somewhat stunting effect on ones ability to dress themselves. BUT I actually feel better about myself, and am more productive when I get dressed in real clothes and even do inconsequential things like brush my hair and put on makeup.

Work. Dress up. Power off. Say nice things. Get pretty. That’s what’s in store for me this month. What are you resolving for October?