You know you live with a personal trainer when:

  1. The cashier at the grocery store says, “Man, you guys eat healthy!”
  2. You wake up in the morning and plan your cuddling around your mutual workouts
  3. The man in your life has no problem whatsoever strapping on a neon green Wii dance belt and getting down with Zumba on date night
  4. Meals are served with the question, “How much protein does this have?”

As adventures in cohabitation continue, I’m getting back down to work and trying to get into my new work from home groove. New home, new groove. So far I’ve failed miserably and have succumbed to the temptation of the New York Public Library or mooching cubicle real estate at the offices of friends. As much as I don’t miss working a traditional office job, I sometimes miss the concentration that comes with cubicle dwelling. Working from home is awesome for things like home cooked lunches and mid-afternoon gym runs, but it is definitely more of a test to my often lacking attention span.

Ooh, was that a dust bunny?

I’m so desperate for discipline these days that I paid $10 for a program that disables my internet for up to four hours. What did people procrastinate with before the Internet? Did people actually do work?

Luckily, the self-discipline aspect of my life is going a little bit better in regard to gym going and eating relatively healthy (as our Trader Joe’s cashier confirmed). Not wanting to wake The Fella when I roll out of bed at 5am most days has meant putting my gym clothes in the living room each night, changing as soon as I get up, and then hitting the gym. The more quiet I try to be in the morning, the more noise I make, so I’ve learned it’s best to just leave the apartment until after the sun has successfully risen. So far so good.

As for the eating, would you eat a bucket of fried chicken in front of your personal trainer? Yeah, cohabiting may be the best diet ever.


TJ’s High Fiber Cereal with banana and low fat milk
Scrambled eggs


Hot and Sour Soup


Yup, we’re still rocking coffee table dinners.

Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, onion, reduced fat feta, and TJ’s cilantro dressing

Crustless quiche (aka egg casserole)
For this sucker I defrosted a bag of frozen spinach and then sautéed it with a package of white button mushrooms. I let the veggies cool a bit and placed them in a baking dish. On top, I added a carton of egg beaters (2 cups) and mixed in half a cup of lite shredded cheese. On top I spread out another half cup of cheese. Then I baked it at 350 for 40 minutes. Super yummy and the whole dish was about 300 calories. Not too shabby.