I’m relatively certain the world is coming to an end. There’s a tornado advisory for New York and New Jersey going on right now. That’s just weird. Having lived in the Empire State for the majority of my life (with brief interludes where I lived in Boston, Los Angeles, and The Netherlands being the only exceptions) I can attest that New York may not always have the best weather, but for the most part, as a state, we’re not really one for extreme weather. In the last year we’ve had earthquakes and tornadoes, and a surprising lack of snow—the one weather-y thing we do get. Hmm, maybe there’s something to this global warming thing.

Since the weather is not permitting, The Fella and I are opting in for a cozy night in. He’s sorting photos of our trip and I’m working on book edits. I don’t think it has fully sunk in that we live together yet, so moments like these seem so normal. Bring on the ordinary!

Speaking of ordinary, now that I’m home, and no longer have some sort of freakish infection that felt the need to escape my body through my eyes (yeah, I looked super gross for a while there), I’m working on establishing a routine. I’ve always been a morning person, but since moving to the new apartment, my wake-ups have become even earlier than normal. I’m guessing this has to do with not being entirely settled and comfy in my new digs. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep past 5am someday soon, in the meantime I’m trying to use these early mornings to my advantage, heading to the gym in the morning for half my workout, then returning home to work for a while, and going back later in the day for the second half of my workout.

Over the last year I’ve really upped the intensity of my weight training and have discovered that I work out a bit better when I separate cardio and strength training by a few hours. This may not work for everyone, but since I’m currently working from home it’s been a pretty simple change to make. An added perk is that my workouts seem so much shorter when they’re split up this way. This morning I went to a 6am spin class and then followed up with a back & biceps session after lunch. The only downside I see is that I’m way more hungry during the day when I do cardio in the morning.

Of course, if the world comes to an end my newfangled routine is completely useless.  Where is it that you’re supposed to hide during a tornado?  Bathtub?  Doorway?  They don’t teach us this sort of thing on the East Coast!



Raisin bran with banana and low-fat milk




Veggie burger in a whole wheat tortilla, carrots and cucumber slices

Post Workout

The Fella opted for vanilla protein powder

I’m more of a chocolate fan


We’re still eating at the coffee table. One of these days we’ll have access to the dinner table.

Lentil soup never looks appealing, but it is tasty

Basic garden salad