Good morning from Tel Aviv,

I would like to say I’ve been gallivanting all over this beautiful country for the last few days, but the truth is we’ve put many of our big outings (like a hike in the Golan Heights and a day floating in the Dead Sea) on hold because I’ve been a spewing, mucus-y, bacteria monster. What started out as a little cold has turned into full on bio-warfare. Ahh, the irony.

Still, in between 20-hour sleeping spells, we’ve done a few things here and there that I can report back to you. I may not include many photos of myself, because at certain points my eyes have swollen shut (I’m so sexy), but I’ll let my native boyfriend show you around.

First things first:

We had our body composition tested.

The DEXA (commonly used to test bone mass in the US) breaks down your body’s composition between bone, fat and muscle tissue, and is the most accurate test currently in use.

The good news: As far as muscle tissue goes I’m above average, I could even afford to “lose some muscle mass.” Although, I’m not sure why I would want to lose muscle mass. The bad news, I’m carrying a few extra pounds I shouldn’t be—a fact I already knew, having gained a few pounds while comfort eating, I mean writing, my book.

The Fella also hopped in the BodPod for an additional reading, I opted to mope about my DEXA results.

In other highlights, I managed to stay upright long enough to go for a walk around Tel Aviv’s city park. Up until this particular walk I had been confused as to how Israelis in general manage to stay so fit with all the ice cream and chocolate and cheese around. Turns out they’re pretty active folk. While in the park we saw people running, kayaking, rock climbing, playing basketball, biking, and all hanging out at the gym!

These body-weight propelled free gyms are all over Israel.

This one looks empty, but it got crowded shortly after I took this picture

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a bit gypped when it comes to childhood playgrounds. My five-year-old self was psyched when there was a see-saw!

During another lucid moment, Roy took me to the shoreline to take in the sights and get his favorite mushroom burger.

That was the last of my excitement and it was a few days ago. I spent yesterday in bed, and I’ll probably do the same today. Hopefully by tomorrow (my last full day in Israel) I’ll be out of quarantine.