Let’s just say I have a whole new respect for what my dad has done for a living the last 30-years (he drives a bus, often 12-14 hours at a time).

The Fella and I have had a house guest for the last month. A close friend of Roy’s from the homeland (Israel) has been visiting. He’s gearing up to head home on Monday, and wanted to see New York’s natural wonder, Niagara Falls, before he left. So, Roy, Omer, Omer’s new New York-based love interest, and I rented a car and hit the road. Amazingly enough, I’m the only one with a driver’s license, so the driving was my gig, hence the new respect for my dad. I spent 20 of the last 30-hours behind the wheel. It’s amazing how tiring sitting somewhere, staring, and steering can be.

Despite the fact that I was a walking, yawning, zombie the majority of the mini-trip, the drive was worth it, the Falls really are beautiful.

We were told by multiple sources that we could skip the New York side, and that the Canadian view was much more impressive. We saw both, and I have to say they both have their unique beauty.

Canada’s Horse Shoe Falls really show off the magnitude of the waterfalls. It’s really hard to show in pictures how big the waterfall is, and how fast the water streaming through it is moving.

The Canada-side has a very Atlantic City-esque feel to it, with glitzy casinos, restaurants and rides.

The American Side is basically set up as a park, and while you can see less of the actual waterfall, you can get right up to the rushing water. Honestly, and this isn’t patriotism speaking, I liked the American side better.

The rainbow helped

There was most definitely a romantic feel to the entire area, as documented by the boys.
I can totally see why Niagara Falls has been a honeymoon spot for generations. In fact, it’s where my grandparents went on their honeymoon!

It was well worth the day trip. I wished we could have stayed a bit longer and taken advantage of the romantic setting more.

Don’t get any ideas (Hi mom!), what really happened as soon as we got to our hotel room was this…

It was a lot of driving!

We’re back in NYC now, and trying to finish unpacking our new apartment before we leave for Israel next week.  Hopefully there will be more time for cuddling up on that vacation 😉