Have you ever been scammed, knew you were being scammed, and just went along with it because you were too surprised/confused/sleep deprived to do anything about it?

Well, I have. Because I’m an idiot.

This all went down about 6am this morning. We don’t have Internet set up at our new apartment yet, and most likely won’t until we get back from Israel. Since my early morning ways tend to wake up The Fella (read: drive him crazy), I decided to take myself and my laptop to Starbucks and get a little work done.

On the way there, a guy asked me if I would buy him a bar of soap.


If someone needs soap, who am I to deprive them?

He started telling me this tall tale about being released from prison this morning and the halfway house he’s staying at not having basic necessities and him not having money to buy soap.

You may be thinking, Kim, why are you talking to a man who was released from prison this morning?

And I would say, because deep down in my heart of cynical hearts there sis a Pollyanna type voice that says that everyone deserves a second chance, everyone makes mistakes, and everyone needs soap.

Yeah. Because I’m an idiot.

As we walk through the aisles of the drug store he picks up more than soap: detergent, toothbrushes (plural), toothpastes (plural), soaps (12 bars), a giant bottle of lotion, all while asking me if I’m pregnant!

At this point I realize I’m being scammed and told that I’m fat, and yet I don’t stop him. We go to the register where I realize this guy knows all the most expensive products in the store. The bill comes out to $75!

I tell him no (Yay), he says he’ll just take some of the things. I ended up spending $40 on toiletries for a conman. But I kept the receipt so he couldn’t return them for cash.

So, the lesson I learned today is that I’m fat and gullible.

Have you ever been conned? Scammed? Swindled?




Soy Latte

It was early, I felt stupid, and I forgot to take a picture.

Imagine a latte here.


Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, kalamata olives, eggs

Half a sandwich with hummus, egg, grilled eggplant, pickles and tomato


Tonight was my first solo night in the apartment, as The Fella was out having a boys night. Since we are still waiting for our new refrigerator to be delivered, it looks like I’m still the queen of delivery. I paused my unpacking efforts long enough to have some tofu and broccoli (with a side of free with purchase diet coke)

Exercise: Until further notice, exercise will consist of unpacking and running up and down the stairs all day.