I haven’t exactly been the most reliable blogger as of late. It goes to stand that once every four years of blogging you fall off the wagon and become a blogging dilettante.

Instead of blogging haphazardly, I’m officially taking a short hiatus from The Kim Challenge. The first draft of my manuscript is due to my editor on August 15th. Between now and then I will probably not see the inside of my gym, I will eat whatever I can order from the comfort of my computer chair, and I will stare blankly at my computer screen for hours…hopefully chocking a few thousand words out.

After August 15th I will still have a fairly sizable amount of editing to do, but I’ll be a helluva lot closer to the finish line and probably capable of normalizing my eating, exercising, and communicating with other people. Expect a very relieved blog on Thursday, August 16th. Until then I’m taking a wee vacation from the blogosphere.

Please come back and see me in a couple of weeks!