In what will most likely be my last non-working weekend until the end of August, I decided to get sh-t done.  That includes drinking wine and touring the vineyards of Long Island’s Northfork.

I grew up on Long Island, and as a kid I couldn’t think of a darn nice thing to say about it. I was basically biding my time waiting for the first opportunity to leave the suburbs for city-living.  Now that I’m an adult I think I’m able to see a bit more of its charm.  For instance, it really is a beautiful bit of land, and no matter where you are you’re never more than 10-minutes from the water. In addition to beautiful beaches, the Island is home to farms of all varieties and in the summer is a great place to buy farmstand produce.     Oh yeah, and there are a bunch of vineyards.  Beautiful spances of grapes for as far as the eye can see.  

My aunt and I signed up for a Long Island Winery tour months ago, and even then I was a little anxious about the timing. But honestly, if there has ever been a time that I needed a drink, it’s now.  So, of we went to sip New York’s finest chardonnays and cabernets and we learned a bit about wine making in the process.

I was particularly impressed with one vineyard, Comtesse Thérèse.  The vineyard was started by Therese Dilworth, an attorney by trade, and two friends, making it Long Island’s first woman owned winery.  We were given a tour by her husband, Sammy Shimura, a former steel executive turned farmer who is also a certified sommelier.  He was really a delight to learn from and he took the time to tell us all about the animals that lived around the vineyard.  A fox he referred to as “his friend” and the birds that are “his enemy” except the “cute ones.”  The cute ones consisted of the birds that built little nests among the vineyards leaves.

It was so obvious that everyone involved in the Comtesse Thérèse vineyard really loved their wine and it was evident in every sip. 

I stocked up on bottles for my new apartment, and when Roy and I went to IKEA on Sunday to pick out furniture, I made sure we got a wine rack!

OH MY IKEA!  I have never loved and hated the same place so much.   The Fella and I bought IKEA, all of it.  There is none left for you.  Sorry.

It took SEVEN hours for us to negotiate our way through each room of our apartment (thank goodness it’s only a one-bedroom apartment, I don’t know what we’ll do if we ever have a house one day).

In between fighting about mattress firmness levels (I won), we debated the calorie burn involved in seven hours of shopping.  According to, we burned about 1160 calories.  We both agreed that 1160 seemed like an awfully high number for strolling, standing, and sitting on model furniture.  I’m guessing it was more like 400.  Still, not a bad burn, and my wallet feels sooooo much lighter.

Afterward we rewarded ourselves with a romantic dinner on one of Long Island’s beautiful beaches.

I guess my hometown’s not so bad afterall 😉