Oh, so now it’s July. Every thirty or so days someone throws a new month my direction. When will this craziness end?

A funny thing happened between the hysterical freakout that I was having in the beginning of June and now—I found calm. I don’t have any less work to do or pressure to deal with; I just simply stopped focusing on the things I couldn’t change and started focusing on what I could do, bit by bit, and hope for the best.

I have no idea how this change occurred (maybe I’m growing up and becoming a rational and well-adjusted human being or maybe I’m completely delusional) or how long it will last, but I’m most certainly going to take it and run with it and use it as inspiration for my July Resolutions.

  • Work hard but short. I can’t escape this whole work thing, I have six weeks left of crunch time, but my goal this month is to remember to take intermittent breaks and not give self-degrading anti-pep talks when I can’t sit still for 12-hours at a time of uninterrupted writing. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last five months it is that my attention span generally has 2-hour cap, and then I have to go for a walk, go to the gym, eat a banana, or watch something brainless on TV for an hour to let it recharge…and then I can get back to work. As in dieting or budgeting or anything else I think it’s pretty important to know yourself and how you function best in a work environment. Now I know.
  • Eat less dairy. I’m trying to phase out dairy. I recently re-read Veganist and the animal suffering aspect of the book really hit home for me. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to cut it out completely in regard to social situations, but I can stop buying it for home use.
  • Blog more. I know, I know, I resolved that last month. The good news is that The Fella has finally hooked up a router at his house (for the last year I’ve been Internetless when I’m not at home), this should help with being able to blog on a regular basis. Hoorah. Of course, in another couple of months we’ll be moving in together and this whole issue will be completely null and void.
  • Give one compliment a day. Acknowledging people is important, even people you don’t know. Throughout the day I can probably list off a hundred nice things I think about people but don’t tell them. That’s a great shirt, you really said that well, you have great skin, etc. I’m not sure why it is I don’t speak up and say these things aloud, so when they come to mind I’m going to actually attempt to do the unthinkable, tell the people I’m thinking them about.

Certainly not my most ambitious month, but as I said, I’m taking this life bit by manageable bit. What are you resolving for July?