Things that are awesome:

I just finished reading Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed.

My editor suggested I read it. I’m trying not to think of it as a “Hey, you kind of suck at this whole writing thing–try writing a book like this” and more like “Writing a memoir is a beautiful, emotionally exhausting journey…see.”

However it was intended, the suggestion was appreciated because it’s a really beautiful book, about dealing with your sh_t and accepting yourself past and all, losing yourself, testing yourself, and being super duper bad ass while being simultaneously really klutzy.


New workout.  I prefer routines that are machine light and free weight heavy–which this one is.  Sometimes I do an A, B, C day rotation or an A and B day rotation. This is go around I’m doing a single full-body rotation 3-days a week. The plus signs (+) indicate that these are drop sets.  Start off with the heaviest weight you can handle while still using correct form and then switch to slightly lighter weights for the second half of the set.  Feel free to drop me a line with any questions about particular exercises if you’re interested in using this program.
I’m excited to have an ass kicking program because…


I’m getting Bod Pod’ed! The Fella pulled a few strings and  arranged for us to get our body mass compositions tested while we’re in Israel in September. Obviously, if I’m going to get my percentages of fat, muscle, and bone mass measured I want to be in super-de-duper the best shape ever.

You know, so it’s a totally accurate reading of what I’m always like.

I’m not sure I can accurately convey how excited I am about this.  The Bod Pod is one of the most accurate forms of body composition testing there currently is and it usually comes at a steep price tag.  I’ve always wanted to do it, but not enough to fork over the big bundles of my hard-earned and rent-paying cash.

Bring on the lunges!



Scrambled egg whites
Weetabix with strawberries and almond milk

Post workout

Smoothie: Almond milk, chocolate protein powder and frozen berries


Unbearably spicy vegetarian chili over brown rice
Note to self: when the chili powder says “XXX-Hot” it does not mean sexy

I packaged up the leftovers to bring to Roy’s.
Homemade frozen dinners, anyone?


Egg white omelet with broccoli and lite Swiss cheese

Exercise: 45-min spin class, 15-am class