Confession: I probably own more vegan cookbooks than any meat-eater on the planet. For some yet to take the plunge reason, the animal-free culture fascinates me.

In keeping with my ironic obsession with all things vegan, The Fella and I hit up The Seed: Vegan Experience Expo this weekend in SoHo to scope out what’s new and nutritious in the plant-based-diet loving world.

The Seed was filled with some of New York City’s most vegan friendly restaurants, vegan clothing designers, and oodles of sports nutrition companies. There was actually a t-shirt vendor there that I planned on buying a super cute shirt from, but she got very insulting when I said I wasn’t Vegan (she asked, I didn’t go around telling everyone I met that I wasn’t vegan), so I skipped the shirt. Can’t we all just get along?

There were also screenings of movies like Forks Over Knives; Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead; and Vegucation. I had already seen those films (see obsessed, I’m so weird), so I stuck with listening in on some of their lectures. One was by Kathy Freston who wrote Veganist and The Lean. Obviously her discussion was about weight loss.

I had borrowed Veganist from the library when it first came out, but decided to buy my very own copy…and then chat with Kathy.

So, she’s kind of a gorgeous glowy Amazon in person. I think Roy has a crush on her.
I think I have a crush on her.

Afterward we sat in on a discussion about plant-based performance nutrition with vegan Iron-Man champion and ultra-marathoner Brendan Brazier.

I upped my meat eating when I started seriously strength training, and it was nice to hear from a professional athlete that that isn’t necessary for proper muscle repair.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll stop being chicken (really, no pun intended) and give vegan living a shot. In the meantime I’ll continue reading my vegan cookbooks, blogs and books in secret.

Mmmm, looks good.