I’ve been implementing the 80/20 rule of dieting to my weekend work schedule: 80% workaholic/20% fun loving New Yorker.  Here are some of my weekend highlights!

Fishs Eddy “Intervention-ware”
I don’t support degrading self-talk, but I think these are hilarious

I was the first person in the New York Public Library Saturday morning
(otherwise known as my office–coffee shops get expensive)

Long walks, Brooklyn rose gardens, and summer sun

My first ever Mother’s Day Card
Don’t get any ideas, I’m not preggers–The Fella made a donation in my name to We Can Be Heroes organization and they sent me the acknowledgement in a Mother’s Day card.

I was super-duper touched by this gift.  The best part: DC Comics, the company behind the charity, matches 100% of the donations given.

So where does this money go?  I’m glad you asked, here’s the mission statement from the website:

Countries in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya) are facing the worst drought in 60 years, causing a severe hunger crisis. According to the U.S. government, the crisis is unlike any other in terms of displacement, starvation and death of the population. More than 13 million people are in need of critical assistance. In Somalia alone, more than 250,000 people face starvation. Hundreds of thousands have fled to refugee camps seeking help. The situation is so critical that the United Nations officially declared famine for the first time in 21 years.

Humanitarian aid organizations are on the ground working to provide much needed relief to the drought and famine-stricken areas. But they need more help. They need our help.

Join the Justice League and DC Entertainment in raising awareness and funds for our three nonprofit partners, Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps, who are delivering aid where it is needed most. DC Entertainment will match donations 100%, and 50% of the purchase price from We Can Be Heroes products will go to saving lives.

A small contribution can go along way to feeding the children of this world, especially when matched by super hero makers.

That’s what’s making me smile.  What’s making you happy this weekend?