I had a major realization this week. When you listen to ‘Somebody that I used to know’ over and over again on repeat all day it stops being a pretty yet angsty hipster breakup song and starts sounding a bit stalkerish.

Okay, I guess that wasn’t a MAJOR REALIZATION, but it was a realization. I do what I can.  I’m having a major song obsessed moment.  Last night I made The Fella stop at a karaoke bar for the sole purpose of singing this one song.  I also realized I’m no Gotye.

Other realizations: More than three baby corns in a stir fry is too many baby corns in a stir fry, my favorite nail polish color is Lady Like by Essie, and oh yeah I look damn fine in a pair of boxing gloves.

By “damn fine” what I mean is “sweaty disgusting monster.”

The Fella  and I signed up for kickboxing classes, and we went to our first class this week.  The session comes complete with super sore butt and pink boxing gloves (there was a choice between red, black, and pink–I’m a fan of demonstrating my femininity while kicking ass and taking names).

The class was a lot of fun, I can’t wait to go back and get my roundhouse back on.

In the meantime, I’ve had a crazy busy week.

I stopped by my agents office to sign my official book contract!  Hurrah!

One day my book is going to be in the lobby, too!

This is a somewhat hectic week chocked full of work, graduations (The Fella is becoming a Master of Arts from NYU this week.  I’ve decided to call him Master Roy for as long as I can get away with), and a day celebrating my mom.

I’ve had to take a few days off from writing this week,  my mom and I decided to celebrate Mother’s Day a few days early…and hit up a taping of ‘The Chew’ this morning.  In exchange, Sunday I’ll be home typing–but I’ve given my father explicit instructions to do some serious pampering.

The show was a lot of fun, and I am proud to report that the cast was really nice even when the cameras were off (unlike my experience at the ‘Rachael Ray Show’), and made it a point to hang out with the audience, chat, and take pictures.  I was lucky to be asked to sit at the tasting table–which means I got to eat all the yummy things the chefs were making.  Feel free to hate me a little.

I was supposed to ask Clinton Kelly a fashion question too, but the segment ran too long.  Sigh, at least I got some tasty morsels out of the deal.  The episode was all about my favorite food: Buffalo Wings!  It will air on June 21st.  If you’re in NYC, or will be visiting, I would definitely recommend getting tickets for a viewing.

Afterward I took my mom out for a celebratory margarita in her honor.

The woman gave me life, the least I can do is ply her with tequila.

 What are you planning for Mother’s Day?