Hello May.

Welcome to my life. I have been waiting a long time for you come around with your warm days and cool evenings, blooming flowers, and subtle reminders that life is better spent under the shade of trees than just about anywhere else.

May is probably one of my favorite times of year, it’s not quite hot but it’s not cold either, which to me means one simple truth: dresses and cardigans.

I love dresses, dresses are like pajamas you can wear outside. Can we all just agree that the world would be a better place if we could all just wear pajamas all the time?

Cardigans are like a security blanket you can wear.

Put them together and instant comfort.

I’m also excited about May and hoping that this will be the month that I finally find a balance between work-me and life-me.

To say the past few months have been demanding would be an understatement, but I think I’m finally burgeoning on a place where I can balance being a human being and work. So that’s what my resolutions for May are about.

  1. Blog. I miss blogging on a daily basis, but I’ve often ended my days feeling like there are just no more words left in me. So, I’m going to make it a point to blog more (although I’m reticent to define what “more” means just yet), even if it’s just one meal, workout, or life philosophy at a time. I’m starting this goal out with a giveaway so you should come back tomorrow for the opportunity to get swaggy stuff!
  2. Take time to live in the present each day. A manicure, pedicure, hour with a book (that I’m not writing), or dinner out with friends—go a long way to take the pressure off. I’ve been pretty hard on myself lately, a habit that has probably done more harm than good to my work. I’m going to trust myself to work hard during the hours I set aside for working, but also take a moment or two to veg. Chilling out is an important part of life, a part that I often feel guilty about.
  3. Cut out the processed, but don’t count calories. I have a trip to Israel coming up. I would love to look fan-friggin-tastic in my bikini, but right now I can’t handle the pressure watch everything I eat and log countless hours of cardio. So instead, I’m cutting out the processed foods in my diet—many of which are the fake meats I keep around for meals with The Fella. And trusting my body to know when and how much to eat if fueled with the stuff it would find in nature anyway.
  4. Set a sleep schedule. I have not been sleeping well and this has become a huge problem. When I was a kid and couldn’t sleep my dad would say, “If you can’t sleep, don’t sleep—but rest and sleep will come.” I’m going to channel that advice, even when my mind is buzzing under the covers and I’m itching to get out of bed and start scribbling my thoughts, I will trust that resting will do my body good, and perhaps even lead to some sleep.

That’s it, my resolutions for May are about not being perfect, but being good. I will trust in myself to do the best I can, but not worry about doing everything perfectly. Sometimes good enough is the perfect goal.

What are you resolving for May?