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I’m going to let you in on a little secret, but you can’t tell anyone because I don’t want to get in trouble. I joined my first gym when I was 14 (my parents wanted to join the local Bally’s but didn’t think it was fair to leave me home alone, so we lied and said I was 16). I’ve been a gym rat ever since. In my 15 years of gym going I’ve gone to quite a few gyms, but strangely enough they’ve all been relatively big chains: Bally’s, Crunch, YMCA, Crunch, Planet Fitness, Crunch. In case you can’t tell, I really like Crunch—and I was super-duper bummed when my membership ended at the end of March. BUT, I figured it’s probably unwise to sign up for another year when I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be moving to this summer.

Let’s face it, gyms only work when you go—so it’s imperative that they’re easily accessible.

I have about 5-6 months between my gym membership ending and my move, and that’s an awful lot of time to go without a weight room. My first instinct was to say I would work out at home on a daily basis, but there’s something about having a roommate that makes it uber awkward to jump around in the living room. So, broke down and joined a new gym…well, actually two new gyms. One in Manhattan that charges a whopping $10 a month for membership, The Fella has a membership there too—so I can get my complimentary training sessions on when I’m Manhattan-based (what, I’m just taking advantage of my resources J), and one on my block in Brooklyn—the one I’m really excited about—a local indie gym, that doesn’t require a contract, a yearlong commitment, or even a credit card to join. I’ve never worked out at an independent gym before. I have lived on my block for almost 9-years and wrongly assumed that this would be just a bare bones establishment. I was totally wrong.

Not only is my interim gym open 24-hours, but it has a full class schedule, gives you 3-free personal training sessions and a free private Pilates reformer session upon joining. There’s also a fully stocked juice and smoothie bar (and free samples). Even the bathroom is fully stocked with bells and whistles. After 15-years of gym going, I’m learning something new…do not judge a gym by its advertising. Heck, if I were a parent I would totally go here…every other TV is a live video feed to the baby sitting center. AND, the whole thing is on par with standard NYC gym pricing

I’m still learning my way around the weight room. It’s a bit more muscle-man heavy than the Crunch weight rooms I’m used to, and even though I like to grunt and scratch with the best of ’em…it takes a bit of time to feel like a regular. Still, it’s a relief to have a place to escape to for an hour a day and just focus on the physical.

I’ll probably end up back at Crunch come moving time—I love their innovative classes and No Judgment mission, but if per chance my new home ends up being outside walking distance of one, I’ll certainly take more than a passing look at the indie gyms in my neighborhood.


 Egg white omelet with reduced fat Cheddar
Gluten free toast with Earth Balance


Peanut butter cup smoothie: almond milk, peanut butter, and chocolate whey protein


Whole wheat penne with mozzerella, tomato, and shrimp

Exercise: Strength: Chest/Triceps, 35-min elliptical