The Fella has been of visiting his mother country for the last 10-days, and I figured it would be a good week to visit mine. Mine’s a lot more convenient to get to, but slightly less exotic.

What I thought was going to be a relaxing week with the fam ended up being a whole lot of commuting back and forth to New York City. It was all in the name of fun (and money). A few weeks ago I shot a spec commercial and lucky for me it was bought by the client, which meant filming the real thing this week. So, for the last few days I’ve been training it back and forth from the east end of Long Island where my parents live to Manhattan.

The travelling is worth the opportunity to hang with my folks and get to showcase my inner camera hog.

I feel like I’m getting more work as an actor lately, now that I have no time to work as an actor, than I did when I was actively auditioning.

I’m even getting my non-actory boyfriend into the act. A few months ago we shot a pharmaceutical commercial together, and next week The Fella and I are shooting an ad for a dating site together. So, if you see a couple that looks kinda familiar trying to sell you drugs or a relationship, it’s probably us. 😉

It doesn’t hurt that he’s super-duper

Kim and Roy: The New Face of Dating


Egg white omelet with spinach and feta
Apple sauce


Veggie burger on gluten free bun
Baked sweet potato wedges


Imitation noodles

Imitation chicken (Quorn chikn cutlet)

Put it all together and it’s a real tasty dinner
Tofu noodles baked with spinach, quorn cutlet, and part skim mozzerella