I’m a day late in posting my March resolutions, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been on my mind. In fact, all of my 2012 resolutions are planted firmly among my lobal (yeah, I made that word up) priorities. Each month this year I’m going to make small resolutions to help me achieve my overarching resolutions for the year.

If you need a reminder of what those goals were, here’s a brief run down:

  • See my abs/get all toned and stuff
  • Get certified as a personal trainer
  • Get out of debt/focus on financial security
  • Go gluten-free
  • Get rid of gossip.
  • Learn to ride a bike.

So here’s what I’m resolving for March:

I guess we all know now that I SOLD IT! So, the resolution is going to change a bit. Last month I got used to the idea that I was going to write a book. I played around with my schedule, trying to find the most optimal writing time, spot, and energy drink. This month, I’m going to be far more “hard ass” on myself. Sticking to a writing schedule, even if that means seeing my family, friends, and manfriend less. I have five months to finish a book that’s pretty emotionally and mentally grueling—it’s time to free my inner drill sergeant.

I’ve realized, in the manipulation of my schedule, that my daily gym time usually docks about 2.5 hours from my day. I just don’t have that to spare most days, so I’m relying more on exercise videos. I’ve also signed up for a running class to get me out of the house once a week. I’ll probably still hit up the gym once or twice a week, but for the foreseeable future the majority of my sweating will happen in front of a television.

PT Certification:
This goal is going to have to wait until after my book deadline. While I originally thought summer, my guess now is early-mid fall.

Last month I tracked spending and merged my retirement accounts. This month I plan to create a budget for myself and nix cabs.

Gluten-free eating:
I am not doing well with this resolution at all. For now I’m sticking to GF at home mostly, and outside trying to be conscious of it.

This has been a hard one. I find myself wondering what’s gossip and what’s general conversation. I’ve determined that good gossip is good, saying nice things about someone behind their back. Therefore I’m going to aim to say a lot of nice things about people behind their backs, and continue to strive to nix the negative.

Bike riding:
Now that the weather is showing signs of warming up, I may check out some bike rentals in the city and make The Fella spend a day in the park watching me fall over on two wheels.

What are you resolving for March?