Thanks so much for all the blog love on my anniversary post.

I haven’t been blogging as often as I used to, or as much as I’d like, and knowing that I still have readers out there reminded me how important this blog is to me. These days my time and brain function is in short supply.

I spent most of this week in Magazineland. This was my last week working over at Women’s Health (The April Issue is soooooo good, make sure to pick it up). The job I’ve been doing for the last ten months is done L But, my boss was really amazing and said she’d like to bring me back as more freelance work comes in. I promised her that I’d be harassing her for a jobby-job as soon as I finish my manuscript, in the meantime a few freelance gigs thrown my way would be awesome. It’s sad to leave a job that I’ve really enjoyed, but the added time to my schedule couldn’t come at a better time.

I lifted my spirit by making my boyfriend channel his inner Latin lover. For Hanukkah my parents got us two months of Tango lessons. We’ve been insanely busy and haven’t cashed them in until now, but it was definitely worth the wait. We took our first lesson this week and let’s just say we’re not exactly Tango equivalent of Fred and Ginger, but we’re cute. The Fella was adamant that we rehearse daily so that we’ll be better for the next class—boy takes his recreational classes seriously.

That, plus an itty-bitty commercial shoot kept me pretty busy this week…and you know, writing a book. I feel a wee bit drained, but I still feel like the luckiest over-extended duck on the block.


I’m newly obsessed with Peanut Butter Panda Puffs. I’ve been eating them every day! I’m sure they’re not as healthy as the egg whites or oatmeal I usually eat—but they’re so good. It’s like Kix and Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch had a gluten-free baby.
Cereal with banana and almond milk
Caffeine in large doses


I tried to make up for the lack of protein by eating a second breakfast for lunch. The major thing that’s missing is vegetables. I’ve cut back on buying leafy greens because I’m at The Fella’s house a lot of the time and hate seeing produce go to waste, but I also hate seeing my meals get less green. I stocked up on some frozen veggies shortly after lunch to ease my worried mind.

Scrambled egg whites with tahini and hot sauce
Whole wheat pita (not GF)
Turkey bacon


While on my mission to find plants to fill my freezer with I noticed these suckers. I’m probably the last person on the planet to give these a whirl; I know sites like Hungry Girl and people who practice Weight Watchers have been enjoying their carb free, low-calorie goodness for years. Still, it’s never occurred to me to try them until now—they were on sale.

If you don’t know what Tofu Shirataki noodles are, you’re not alone, I didn’t until I started reading about them on the internet. They’re a pasta substitute that comes in various shapes: angel hair, spaghetti, fettuccini. They’re made from a combination of tofu and yam flour and it’s 40 calories for the entire bag. They’re low carb, low protein and low everything else—these are not nutritional power houses, more like a benign accessory to your pasta sauce and toppings.

The package (and all the YouTube videos, Twitter comments, and Facebook feedback) I read mentioned that they have an “authentic” aroma. Authentic translates to fishy. Don’t worry, these suckers are vegan, they just don’t smell like it. The instructions say to rinse them thoroughly with water, then par boil for 2-3 minutes and then dry thoroughly.

I’ve never had to get all ShamWow on my spaghetti before, but there’s a first time for everything. I followed the directions, then tossed the pasta with sauce, shrimp and broccoli. I then put it in an oven safe dish, topped with reduced fat mozzarella and baked at 350 for 20 minutes.

The total calorie count for a large portion of pasta ended up being around 280.
As for the taste—it was pretty tasteless. It absorbed the flavor of the sauce, which was fine by me. The consistency is a bit chewier than real pasta which leads me to think this may be a good noodle substitute in Asian style soups.

That’s my review and I’m sticking to it.