V-Day prep is underway.

The Fella banned me from coming over today and tomorrow, so I’m guessing there’s some trickery afoot at his place. I consider this a personal challenge.

You wanna be romantic buddy? Well, two can play at that game!

Coupled or not, I’ve never really thought of Valentine’s Day as a real holiday. That doesn’t mean I won’t use it as an excuse to get cuddly. We decided weeks ago that we’d far prefer to spend the night snuggled up together at his place, than waiting endlessly online at a restaurant. Now that I’m banned, however, I’m feeling like I need to up my game. Nothing says ‘Let’s make out!’ quite like homemade sugar cookies in your native tongue!

I have to get bonus points for writing romantic things in Hebrew, right?!

These cookies are not low-fat. They do not contain protein powder. They are not a good recovery snack after a workout. What I’m trying to say is that they’re nothing like I usually bake.

Sometime’s a spin class must be sacrificed to the holiday gods.  After I made a Nutella cheesecake for Thanksgiving that was 700-calories per slice, I decided sometimes it’s better not to know the nutritional involved in holiday eating.

This time I’m living in ignorant bliss.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans?


I’m super-duper psyched that The Coffee Bean has come to New York. When I lived in LA it was a vital part of my day.
I stopped for a breakfast of soy latte and fruit salad with a heaping side of book writing.


Brown rice tortilla with an egg, veggie burger, lite Cheddar, and hot sauce
Carrots with hummus


Brown rice, organic chicken breast, mushrooms, squash, and garlic sauce

Exercise: Crunch Burn and Firm Pilates DVD