This is my new office. Courtesy of the New York City Public Library.

I am on a mission to create a procrastination free zone.

Of all of my goals, this may be the loftiest, but, well I have a lot to get done in the next six-months. Because, well, I GOT A BOOK DEAL!

I’m guessing some of you have already guessed that by my totally leading blog posts for the last week.

I haven’t signed my contract yet, so I’m not sure if I’m legally allowed to announce that (but no one told me not too, either), but all the memos and handshakes are in place, and I’ve been really, really wanting to tell you all. Another writer I spoke with last night told me that it can take months before the contract actually goes through, and well, I can’t hold that in for months! Especially because so much of my life will now be spent writing about…well, my life.

Sorry, but that’s about all I can tell you. I probably won’t spill the beans about what my book is really about until it’s about to be published, but I can tell you it’s not Kim Challenge related, and it’s a memoir.

Now that the initial excitement has settled, I’m left with a feeling of complete and overwhelming “Oh crap, how the hell do I do this?” I have six months to finish my manuscript, and I’m going through a wee bit of a learning curve when it comes to creating a writing/life schedule for myself.

Writing from home doesn’t work because there’s a TV there, and televisions are very, very bad for productivity. I can’t write at Starbucks, like I usually do for most of my freelance work, because one can only drink so many lattes. I’m going to need somewhere I can sit for hours and hours on end without getting funny looks from baristas.

On the suggestion of another writer, I’ve decided to take up office hours at the New York City Public Library. It means adding a commute to my day, but it also means a quiet place to write un-interrupted for long stretches of time.

It almost feels like being at a jobby-job, because it is. MY JOBBY-JOB IS BOOK WRITING!

Yeah, that’s pretty awesome.

The other thing I’m going to have to figure out is exercise. My usual schedule has been to write gossip in the morning, then follow up with a session at the gym, andthen head to Magazineland or work on whatever other personal projects I have that need doing (which up until now has been writing my book proposal). That’s probably not going to work, because I work better during the day, and am relatively useless in regard to brain function at night. Since I don’t really need my brain at the gym, I’m going to have to do one of the things I loathe most—go to the gym in the evening. I hate rush hour at the gym, but I just don’t see daytime working for me anymore.

There’s a whole lot of adjustment going on over here, but I’m really excited about it.

Holy crappola, I’m kind of like a real writer!

Last night at my writer’s dinner (something I go to once a month to workshop stuff with fellow wordsmiths) one of my amazing comrades ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate. So sweet!