My 2012 resolutions were certainly pretty ambitions, but I’m an ambitious kind of gal. In order to reach these goals, I’ve decided to shake up my monthly resolution making routine and instead make my New Year’s resolutions a template for my goals all year. Instead of blindly hoping to accomplish a lot of awesome things for the year, and on a monthly basis; this year I’m going to make each month a milestone in achieving my overarching goals.

If you need a reminder of what those goals were, here’s a brief run down:

  • See my abs/get all toned and stuff
  • Get certified as a personal trainer
  • Get out of debt/focus on financial security
  • Go gluten-free
  • Get rid of gossip.
  • Learn to ride a bike.

Here’s what I did in January to achieve those goals.

I worked closely with my agent to put the finishing touches on my book proposal.
I started working out in an A-day/B-day strength training routine, repeating each twice weekly.
PT Certification:
Nothing really. I’m going to wait until summer time to really focus on this goal.
I got a roommate. Splitting expenses has been a godsend to my checkbook.
Gluten-free eating:
I stocked my fridge, freezer, and pantry with gluten free goodies. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite mastered the art of living outside of my own home in a GF way.
I’ve been trying to keep it all in check, but I’ve slipped a few times.
Bike riding:
Hmm, this one may have to wait until the weather warms up a bit.

I’m going to take my resolutions one step further this month. Here’s what I’m resolving for February 2012:

Now that my proposal is done, I’m going to spend more time working on the actual book writing. I’ve got two chapters polished and ready to go, but when/if I actually sell this bad-boy I’m going to have about 16 more to make happen. May as well get a head start.

My workouts were pretty hardcore last month, but they felt a little daunting. My schedule has become increasing more work oriented due to an uptick in freelance work, so I’m going to try and workout smart, as opposed to working out for long periods of time. This month I’m going to aim for four days a week of shorter strength training workouts, each day with a different focus. A, B, C, D as opposed to the A,B, A, B I’ve been doing. I’ll keep cardio at around 40-45 minutes, getting me in and out of the gym in a little over an hour.

PT Certification:
Keeping this one on ice for now.

Now that I’ve cut my expenses, I think it’s time to track where my money is going so that I can more effectively make tweaks to my spending. This month I’m going to keep track of my daily expenses.

Gluten Free:
The goal this month is simply to avoid bread, wraps, and pasta when I eat out. That seems like a fairly doable step in reaching my overall goal.

Last month just the idea that this was a goal kept me moderately in check. This month I’m going to start a gossip jar. Each time I participate in what could be considered gossip (I’m going to go ahead and say that saying nice things about other people is not gossip—even though it is technically spreading information about them) I will put a quarter in the gossip fund. . . and then I’ll track it in my daily expense sheet.

Biker in the making:
Like certification, this one’s going to stay on the back burner for a bit.

This new style of monthly resolving may take a little time for me to get used to, but think this may be the beginning of a beautiful goal-oriented year.

What are you resolving for February?