As January nears its close I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve done so far to reach my 2012 resolutions. This year I hope to make my New Year’s resolutions the basis for my monthly resolutions each month–instead of coming up with new things to obsess over in 30-day increments, I can obsess about the same few things all year!

That’s what we call streamlining.

One of the resolutions I’ve been pretty failtastic at so far has been my resolution to go gluten-free. While my home is stocked to the gills with brown rice pasta, gluten-free bread products, and less-than-tasty tortillas, I appear to have forgotten that I only spend a few days a week at my own digs these days.

I’m not giving up on this resolution just yet, but I’m starting to realize the switch over may not be as instantaneous as I thought. It may take time to sneak all my gluten-free (and meat-free, because he’s a vegetarian) goodies over to The Fellas—this can be particularly tricky because many of the vegetarian “meats” that he keeps his fridge stocked with are primarily made from wheat gluten and he only has a microwave which cuts back on the roasting of vegetables and boiling of rice and pastas. I try to infiltrate his man-cave as gingerly as possible—as to not appear to be moving in. For now I’m going to aim for gluten-free at home, and be as discerning as possible the rest of the time.

How are your 2012 resolutions faring so far?


Egg white omelet with spinach and feta
Gluten free bread with raspberry jam


Split pea soup

Afternoon snack

I took a tea break this afternoon for some Cinnamon protein loaf, and peach decaf tea


The Fella and I met up for dinner post work. We’ve been trying to get a seat at Westville for months now and every time we pass by the tiny restaurant it is packed. Tonight there just happened to be a window seat with our names on it. It’s all in the timing.

We had an appetizer plate of roasted potatoes in a chipotle sauce; roasted zucchini and tomatoes with mozzarella, brussel sprouts in a honey mustard glace and soy sauce marinated tofu

For dinner I had the vegan dogs with sauerkraut and roasted butternut squash

Exercise: 45-minute elliptical, abs