This has been a seriously AMAZING week.

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been busy running around with my heart in my throat all week.  I have some super amazing news, but I can’t announce it publicly just yet.  Still, I’m so excited for this next chapter of my life.  I feel like one seriously lucky ducky.  Isn’t this suspenseful?  Do you feel suspended?

Big life changes, guys!  Oh, and I’m not engaged or pregnant.  This is more of a work life kinda change.  I bet some of you, those that have been reading me for a while can guess what it is 😉

I’ll tell you as soon as everything is official.

In other amazing news: The Fella got his permanent green card this week.  The special guy in my life is not a native American (and not a Native American), he’s Israeli.  Holy cow is it hard to immigrate to the United States! He’s spent years and what seems like bajillions of buckeroos in lawyer fees for the right to live here.  Earlier this year his application for a green card was denied and I have been petrified that he’d be deported ever since. Luckily his appeal was successful and now we can breathe a whole lot easier.

A dream come true and a non-deportable boyfriend.  Can life get any better!?!

Yes, it can.  I can sleep now.  I’ve been running on fumes and adrenaline for so long that I totally collapsed today and slept until 5pm  (well, with brief conscious moments where I got up to write gossip and eat meals).  Ican’t remember the last time I slept all day–but I’ll take my sleep when I can, the next few months are going to be busy!

How are you spending your weekend?


Honey Nut Cheerios, skim milk, and a banana

As soon as things settled down I got on a train and went to visit my family.  We’re going to spend the weekend finishing up unpacking from their move in November.  Added bonus: They always have better cereal choices than I do 🙂


Between nap snack:
Smoothie with strawberries, banana, vanilla protein powder, skim milk


My mom made Chinese style eggplant over Jasmine rice.

Exercise: Funny, exercise. Ha!