Some days I’m hungrier than others. Days like yesterday, when my magical elf meals did not sate a darn thing. Up until yesterday though, I was hunger pang free—so perhaps it was just the day.

I’m a big fan of listening to my body, so I may have snuck in a bit of watermelon after my evening spin class. I ate it while walking home from the gym so the calories don’t count. AND I was standing so any stray calories just fell out. That’s how gravity works right? 🙂

Based on The Fresh Diet website my delivered food calorie range is pretty similar to what I eat on my own, yet I feel like I’m usually able to make my food, err, bulkier/filling/more massive in quantity. I would definitely say these delivered meals are slightly more decadent than I usually eat: dessert daily, a lot of meat, and dairy. It’s a good reminder to me how much more I’m generally able to eat when I keep meat, sugar, and dairy to a minimum. Luckily meat and dairy aren’t my favorite things in the world anyway. I’ve definitely increased my meat eating lately because of my new found passion for weight lifting (and by that I mean: my goal to actually see my abs before I turn 30), but I could live without it and never think twice. Sugar, well, I do have a sweet tooth, but I’m generally able to sate it with some homemade baked goods (new obsession: Xylitol for baking—lower in calories than sugar and it whitens your teeth!) or fruit.

Feeling actual hunger is kind of nice after months of holiday eating. I feel like when this is done I may actually have some sense of my natural hunger rhythms again—as opposed to feeling full all the time.

I’m definitely enjoying this little experiment, but I’m really looking forward to being my own meal manager again. That, and seeing my boyfriend. Because I need to be home to get my daily package of food, I haven’t seen him in almost a week. He could come to my place, but this is my first week with a roommate and I’m trying to let the roommie acclimate before I start inviting people over for cuddling.  Meal delivery programs were not made for people in non-cohabiting relationships.

I will miss the cheesecake though. Boyfriend or cheesecake, hard decision. Cuddling wins, but it was a tough race.


Omelet with brie and artichoke hearts
½ slice whole wheat bread (not gluten free)


Pita w/white bean hummus (also not gluten free)


Chef salad


Boston cream pie (it was kind of smooshed in the package, so not worthy of photographing)
Watermelon (I stopped at a deli on the way home from the gym for a little snack)


Oven “fried” catfish with tartar sauce
Cauliflower and squash

AM: B-day Strength training-triceps, back, glutes, and quads
PM: 45-min spin class