I was so inspired (and motivated to get my own booty to the gym) by your giveaway responses! I really wish I could give you all a box of exercise DVDS. It did remind me that I should do these giveaways more often; I smell a new 2012 goal! So, if you were not the winner of this giveaway, don’t feel sad, there are more presents from the Internet in the future J

Oh, right, you probably want to know who won.

The Random Number Generator chose a winner for me and it chose:

Comment #16 came from Tracy, who said her 2012 resolution was:

Tracy good luck with the “slutty jeans.” I’d like a full report when they’re in full on slutty form 😉

Having said all that—I’m not posting my food today. I ate very little and slept most of the day. My day started with a dental exam and a teeth whitening procedure. I drink A LOT of coffee and my teeth are super stained. Lately I’ve been noticing how discolored they are in photographs and it’s made me super self-conscious about smiling. So, when I saw a Living Social deal for a dental exam (I don’t have dental insurance) and a Zoom! ® whitening treatment a few weeks ago, I bought in.

The difference in my teeth is amazing. The whole procedure consists of four 15-minute light treatments, but the dental assistant that did the procedure told me that most people are happy after three and the longer you do it the more sensitive my teeth would be later. I only did three treatments and I’m so glad, not only are my teeth kind of achy (something I’ve been told will dissipate in the next 24-hours), but my teeth are really white. I’m really happy with the shade, but think if I’d gone with the fourth treatment I would have looked creepy and bleached.

So instead of eating and exercising I’ve been napping the ache away.  Hopefully I’ll be back in full form tomorrow.

Have you ever had your teeth whitened? Done something not-so-good for you for the sake of your appearance?