For the sake of my bank account, and my New Year’s resolution to get out of debt, I am about to do something I swore I would never do again…get a roommate.

My love for my apartment and living alone in it borders on pathological.

I’m a big “personal space” girl, and I’ve worked pretty hard over the years to carve out a little space of my own in the world that feels like home.  Under normal financial circumstances I could afford my lifestyle, but after losing my main jobby-job, and spending months in accounting limbo with some of my freelance  employers I’ve decided to make the grown-up decision to have a roommate again.

Now the question is: What do I do with all my stuff?

I’m sort of a clutter-phobe.  My mother likes to joke around that it’s silly to buy me anything because I’m just going to throw it out anyway.  Which isn’t true–more than likely I’ll donate it.  I sense a trip (or six) to Goodwill in my future, as I attempt to transition out of my “office” and into cohabitation.

Over the holidays I networked my way through parties, asking anyone nice that I met if they would like to move in with me.  No dice, but I lucked out last week when a friend emailed me asking if I would consider roommatedom.  He didn’t know I’d already been on the hunt for a bunkmate.  I love it when things work out.  I’m not really a wander around naked kind of person, but in the next few weeks (the weeks before the new roommate enters the picture) I plan on taking full advantage of my privacy.

Sigh, being mature is so lame.


Upon waking up The Fella informed me that he’d stocked up on gluten free fare for me.
So cute.
Hard boiled eggs, tabouli salad, carrots, and seaweed snacks


I spent a good four hours at the eye doctor today.  I’m not quite sure why getting my retina poked at is a day long experience, but I knew enough to pack a snack this time.  Banana and Trader Joe’s Omega Mix.


Brown rice pasta, broccoli, ground turkey, and pasta sauce

Exercise: I had to do a short workout today.  35-minutes in-and-out of the gym.  Strength training: Shoulders, chest, biceps