Happy New Year!

2011 is done and done.

Let’s get this 2012 party started. I have big plans for 2012. In preparation for the New Year I’ve run these goals by a few folks and most have said something along the lines of “Err, that’s really ambitious.” Then gave me the Good luck, sista look.

I can’t help it, I believe in setting ambitious goals. I have a whole year ahead of me to break down my “ambitious” resolutions into smaller more manageable ones; month by month. I say go big, or go home. Well, I say that to me. To you I say, resolve the way you know works for you.

I’m a big goal kind of person. That’s what works for me, but I know many folks that get intimidated by grandiose plans and do better with smaller, quickly attainable goals. Just like in diet, and fitness, it’s about finding what works for you.

What’s your resolution style?

Without further adieu, here are The Kim Challenge 2012 Resolutions:

  1. SELL MY BOOK! Okay, so this goal is actually kind of out of my control at this point. My book proposal is done, and I’m just waiting to ship it off to the editorial powers that be and see if anyone bites. Having said that, I really hope that 2012 brings with it a book deal. If it doesn’t, I’ll head back to the drawing board…or writing desk.
  2. See my abs. I’ve always made fitness a part of my life, but one of the best parts of 2011 is that I really committed to increasing my gym repertoire. I worked with a personal trainer (and currently date one), started following female figure competitors on social networking sites, their personal sites, and articles; and learning more about strength training. I’d like to make 2012 the year I finally see my abs. And, if they just happened to show up before my trip to Israel in July, well that would be nice J
  3. That’s a good segue into my third resolution: Get certified as a personal trainer. While I don’t plan on following through on this resolution until summer, it is one of my major goals for 2012.
  4. Get out of debt. One of the unfortunate realities of freelancing is that getting paid doesn’t always happen on schedule. I go months at a time without ever seeing a dime for my work, and then all of a sudden I’ll get a paycheck. What usually ends up happening is that my expenses all end up on my credit card, even my rent. What has resulted is a staggering amount of debt. It’s something that carries a whole lot of shame for me. In 2012 one of my major goals is to get out of debt, even if that means getting a jobby-job again.
  5. Go gluten-free. This is not a fitness related matter, it’s more of a general health one. I’m not going to go into the inner workings of my digestive tract, but let’s just say that all is not right in the state of Denmark (if Denmark were my intestines). I’m not saying that gluten-free will be an absolute in my life, because sometimes you need cake, but for the most part I’m going to try and cut gluten out of my diet.
  6. Get rid of gossip. Celebrity gossip may be what pays my bills, but this year I’m keeping it out of my personal life. Dishing dirt on others seems like natural part of conversation, people like to gossip, but at the end of the day it’s wrong and often leads to craptacular feelings. I’m keeping it out of my vernacular (except for work) and will try to steer clear of catty conversations.
  7. Learn to ride a bike. Long story. Short version: I’m the one person that forgot how.

What are you resolving for 2012?