That is a Captain America insignia on my head. I’m a super hero (or it was a gift from my comic book loving boyfriend)

I’ve been receiving worried emails from my mother all week. They go something like this: “Don’t do anything dastardly!” or “If you do, do the bunny hill” or “Are all of your limbs intact?”

This is because the woman that made me is fully aware of the degree of my klutziness. The Fella doesn’t quite understand, and thinks he can convince me to actually get on skis. But, I know what he doesn’t, I’m a walking disaster. Instead, I opted for an afternoon of tubing. The instructions for tubing go a little like this: Sit in a tube, slide down a hill.

That’s about as much coordination I can muster, so it seemed like a good plan.

See how injury free I look!

Even The Fella had fun.

There were cocoa breaks too!
My BFF is an avid skier, unfortunately she broke her foot a few days before the trip. We figured some hot chocolatey deliciousness would dull the pain of unrequited snow.

The day wasn’t all snow and games. I started to feel like my insistence on having a healthy/budget-friendly vacation may be cramping everyone else’s style, so I loosened the reins a bit with a trip to the candy outlet!

For someone that makes their living as a personal trainer, The Fella sure loves his candy.

POUNDS OF CANDY!!!! We bought it all. Remember when I used to eat healthy?

There’s nothing like a candy store to regress you right back to your childhood…

Look, there’s a dinosaur with my name!

Despite the candy and cocoa we did try to keep the rest of the day’s meals moderately nutritionally sound:


Repeat breakfast: Kashi with strawberries and almond milk
Coffee with almond milk and stevia


Back at the timeshare I whipped up some lentil soup and roasted acorn squash


We went to a local Chinese restaurant for dinner.
This is about as healthy as I could muster

Tonight we’re going to a party at a hotel somewhere. That’s all I know. I’m hoping I still fit in the dress I brought.

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?