We have made fire!

Then we put all of our bad memories of 2011 in it.

You know how everything has a day? Stuff like:  National Popcorn Day, Wear Your Undies on Your Head Day, Drink a Margarita in the Bathtub Day. Well, Wednesday was Good Riddance Day. We were a day late in celebrating, but when my friend announced that such a day existed I insisted we take part.

I doled out paper and pens and we wrote down all of our worst memories of 2011 then ceremoniously threw them in the fire.

Hokey, yes. Did it make me feel better? Totally.

There some things in life that don’t really have closure, this felt like a nice way of saying good-bye.  And by “nice” I mean burning them until they’re nothing but ash and soot.

2011 has been a very dichotomous year for me. On one hand many great things have happened: My parents moved to a new home, I met The Fella, my best friends got married. On another, it’s been the hardest year I’ve ever had financially, I lost my job at the beginning of the year (something that in itself is a good thing) and have since tried to survive as a freelancer.  Unfortunately that has brought with it thousands of dollars of debt and some personal and emotional low points.

I’m really grateful about what 2011 has brought my way, but I’m not too sorry to see it go. What I’m most excited about is incorporating the blessings it created into my life in 2012.

What are you grateful to be saying “Good riddance” to?



Kashi with strawberries and almond milk
Coffee aka the love of my life


We shall call this the week of the burrito
Today we let the pros make them for us. Vegetarian burrito and chips.


The Fella made dinner tonight. Tomato soup with rice and crackers.
Okay, he’s requested that I clarify this statement: He microwaved (Spicy) V8, put rice in it and labeled it soup.

Exercise: I wouldn’t call puttering around the pool exercise, but it’s the closest I came to it today.