For the first night of Hanukkah my doctor gave to me: laser corrective surgery.


I have a birthday coming up, because of said birthday I was forced to go the eye doctor so that my driver’s license could be renewed. Now, I live in a city and take advantage of public transportation on a daily basis; but a driver’s license is still a handy accessory for my wallet. While checking around for any impairments that might make it a bad idea for me to move around heavy machinery, my eye doctor noticed a hole in my retina.

Whet it comes to eye-health I’m a genetic time-bomb. My grandfather was blind in one eye, my mother started loosing her eyesight when I was still in high school, and well, without corrective lenses the world is just a pleasant grey blur to me. Thusly I was referred out to a retina specialist who poked my eye with a shiny metal stick and then shot at it with a laser.

I’m sure tomorrow, or a few tomorrow’s from now, I’ll be mighty glad she did all that but right now my eye hurts and I’m grumpy.

Grumpy, grumpy, one-eyed blogger.

I think it’s only fair that I get a car for my birthday/Christmas/Hanukkah now. I mean, I went to all this trouble to be able to drive one.



Egg whites with hot sauce and avocado


Grilled chicken with hot sauce (obviously it was a hot sauce craving kind of day)
Broccoli rabe


I wasn’t feeling much like cooking, so I let the Chinese restaurant do it for me.
Steamed chicken and broccoli, brown rice, garlic sauce (ordered on the side)

None. Was planning on going after the doctor, but I decided to be grumpy instead.