It’s official. I hate food.

I hate cookies.

I hate cake.

I hate festive alcoholic beverages.

I never want to eat again.

The holidays haven’t even officially started and I’m all holiday’d out.

Anyone with me?

Today was one of the few days this month that I didn’t have to put on stockings, make-up, and my holiday happy face. I spent it soaking in some gym time, getting work done, and eating reasonably healthier fare than I have in weeks. I only have four more holiday outings to get through this week, and then I’m free to eat salad to my heart’s content. Technically I can eat salad now, but let’s be honest—that just doesn’t happen when a cupcake buffet stands before you. Also, Friday is my birthday. Birthdays are for cake, not carrots.

In a way the holiday season is a great reminder that moderation is a beautiful thing. When I’m super strict with my diet, all I can think about is gummy bears. But the tides turn every year, right around now, when I start fantasizing about arugula, broccoli, and quinoa.

Broccoli is the best.


Egg white omelet with turkey bacon, broccoli and lite Monteray Jack cheese
Ezekial bread


Tofu pups, vegetarian baked beans, and whole grain rolls


Half tube liquid protein, banana


Salad with grilled chicken

Exercise: Strength: Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, Abs; Cardio: 10-minute stairmill, 35-minute elliptical