Here’s the thing about the past—it already happened.

You can’t change it.

I’m a dweller. Do you guys dwell?

I dwell, definitely dwell; dwell and fret.

It’s a ridiculous phenomenon, because the only thing we really have any say in is the future. The present is ephemeral, and the past has already happened. Yet, we tend to carry our what-if’s around with us—especially when it comes to our bodies.

What if I’d started losing weight at this time last year?

What if I’d played sports as a child?

What if I hadn’t gone back to the dessert table that second time?

What if I put my head on Jessica Alba’s body?

After spending months working my butt (and thighs, and waist, and jiggly part under my arms) off to prepare for my best friend’s wedding, I’ve been avoiding the scale for the last two weeks. Dwelling on it. Fretting about it. I’ve been in weight loss mindset for so long that the fact that I consciously loosened the reigns a bit for the holiday season made me super nervous. Today I faced my fears: I hopped on the scale and hopped off again with the knowledge that I have gained two pounds. Honestly, I’m relieved. Now I know, so I won’t be reliving every piece of pie (pizza or dessert variety) I’ve had in the last few weeks. It’s already done whatever damage it’s going to do and now I can let it go, and focus on the next holiday party, birthday dinner, or group outing. In the end pie is not the enemy. We have pie. It tastes good. Our thighs get bigger. Worse things have happened.

When you leave parties this season, all the while mentally tallying the caloric totals of the cookies, pigs in blankets, and nog; stop, let it go. It’s the past. And a delicious past it was.


Iced coffee with almond milk
Egg white omelet with broccoli and turkey bacon


Protein muffin


Fruit salad

Vegetable rolls with tofu


I ate half a protein bar before my workout, half after


Faux fried rice. I’m not sure it looks appealing, but it tastes good.
Half cup brown rice, one egg scrambled, 3 oz of chicken diced, 2/3 cup mixed vegetables, cooking spray, garlic powder and soy sauce to taste.

Exercise: Strength-Chest; Cardio-Elliptical, 45-minuts