And now it’s time for some nonsensical babble.

Big question: Are you a shoes in the house type?

This is serious business.

I’ve been mind-bogglingly busy lately. So busy that I outsourced my housework.

In recent weeks my apartment has been more of a dumping ground for my stuff than a home. I run in, drop off my dirty things, then run out again; often taking a train to some other part of New York that is not my couch. What has resulted is a disaster area. The dust has accumulated, the laundry basket has runneth over, and my dishes appear to be growing penicillin.

When I saw a Groupon (or other voucher style site) for an apartment cleaning in my area last week, I figured it was time to splurge. I asked them to fit me in ASAP, it was an emergency. When I greeted the woman tasked with making my home habitable again (I got up two hours early to do a pre-clean before she got here) I noticed her take off her shoes before she entered my apartment. Since I couldn’t quite remember the last time I Swiffered, I wanted to warn her against such an action. I didn’t, obviously she’s a Shoeless.

In the last few years I have put people in two camps: Shoes or Shoeless.

I grew up in a Shoes home. In fact, I was probably in high school the first time I visited someone’s home where they requested that I remove my shoes upon entry. My world was rocked, and I became immediately self-conscious about the matching-state of my socks or the upkeep of my toenail polish. The older I got, the more people I met that asked me to disrobe my feet.

I’m starting to think that Shoeless is actually the norm. I have friends that are Shoeless, a boyfriend that is Shoeless, and now a cleaning professional that is Shoeless. I see the benefit of a Shoeless home. It’s cleaner, and your shoes probably haven’t found their way under the furniture based on you flinging them off in a willy-nilly manner in the middle of the night, only to have to crawl around on the floor trying to find them later.

Still, I hold out. I think I’m a shoe-wearing kind of gal.



Egg white omelet with goat cheese and spinach (I like my omelets well done. They may not be pretty, but at least they’re salmonella free)


Carrot and parsnip soup and grilled chicken


No picture. Protein carrot cake muffin


Salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette

Exercise: Strength-Legs; Cardio-30 minutes stairmill