I’m going to go on record and say that November 2011 was the worst, most stressful, uncharacteristically miserable month I’ve had in a long time. I, for one, have never been more grateful for a new month. Welcome to my life DECEMBER!

Lots of good things happen in December: trees wearing lights, cookies as a major food group, my favorite Winter Blend coffee at Trader Joe’s, and an excuse to don velvet. December is good times, and well, it’s the last month of 2011–it would be a shame to let the year end on a cranky note. That’s why I’m resolving to uncrankify this month by:

  1. Budget gifting. Last year for the holidays I went the budget route of homemade blondie mix jars. This year I’m going to stick with the same budget friendly theme and come up with some sort of homemade, yet delicious, gift to bestow upon those I love.
  2. Get through the holiday season without feeling like crap. I don’t know about you guys, but by the time January rolls in my body has been through what I like to refer to as the fruitcake wringer. A solid month of holiday parties and birthday dinners (the anniversary of my entry into the world is in December) usually means tight pants, zero energy, and some serious feelings of self-loathing. This year my goal is this: be as healthy as I can be this month without depriving myself of holiday awesomeness. I’ll compromise by consistent gym going and clean eating between festivities.
  3. Get 9-5 with my writing self. This past month was a blur of failing miserably at my commitments. I missed deadlines, called out of work, ditched friends and family, and completely forgot I had a blog. I need to set office hours if I’m going to complete all of the assignments I’m working on right now. Now that my parents are moved, my friends are married, Thanksgiving has been had, and my book proposal is back in for review—I need to focus on paying my rent.
  4. Yogify my life. A few weeks ago I was gifted a month of yoga at a studio in New York. I can cash in the gift anytime I want, and I was thinking of waiting until after the holidays were over, but methinks a little time on the mat this month would be good for clearing the cobwebs of my head.
  5. Enjoy it. Despite the hustle and bustle of the season, the crowded stores, and packed schedules this time of year is all about love. It’s about taking stock of those that you love, spending time with the people you care about, and showing the people in your life how much you appreciate them. The cookies aren’t bad either.

What are you resolving this December?