How sexy are these gams?

Hot, I know. My arms and abdomen have similar decorative shading.

I’ve been Internet free and busy moving my parents for the past few days (and I’ve eaten enough pizza to put Italy out of business). I adore those two crazy kids, but if they ever move again I’m going to insist that they hire movers. In a way it’s kind of flattering that they thought I was strong enough to do the heavy lifting for them, but four days of moving furniture in and out of a truck is my physical limit. I can’t even fathom going to the gym for a while. I’m just going to hang out with my couch for the time being.

Mmmm, sitting tastes good.

I got back into the NYC at 2am, took a quick nap, and got right down to work. Luckily work happened at one of my favorite kitschy New York diners. Free wi-fi and a bottomless cup of coffee—what else could a girl want?

Well, sleep, and maybe an ice-pack.


Egg white omelet with spinach and onions, whole grain toast, and fruit salad


Chocolate and vanilla fro-yo with mini peanut butter cups and Oreo


Obviously I was having an effort-free day. Delivery seemed like the only logical choice, I tried to keep it healthy-ish.
Steamed chicken and broccoli over brown rice, corn starch/oil-free garlic sauce