Last week, hungry for some fresh produce and with relatively little time to go grocery shopping, I cashed in a Groupon for organic grocery delivery. The delivery service works sort of like a CSA, only the produce doesn’t come from one specific farm; it’s just organic fare at a discounted rate because it’s bought in bulk. Like a CSA I got no choice as to what fruits and veggies showed up at my door. This means it was time for some creative cookery. When I found myself up to my eyeballs in carrots and turnips parsnips I scratched my head. There’s not enough onion dip or hummus in the world for me to get these down before they went bad.

And then I saw it, my slow cooker. My most favoritist of winter time appliances. It’s been collecting dust over the last few months, abandoned to the world of smoothies and salads, but now I’m ready to show it the respect it deserves. It was time to make soup, carrot and parsnip soup to be precise.

I peeled and diced up two bags (that’s 2lbs) of carrots, and two large parsnips, then threw them in a pot with six cups of chicken broth (but you could use vegetable). I tossed in some thyme, garlic powder, and pepper for good measure and the sucker to cook on low for 6 hours. When the timer went off I attacked it with my immersion blender (you could use a food processor or blender) and voila, instant carrot soup. Low in fat and calories and guaranteed to improve your night vision.*

*That’s not true, the whole carrots improving your eyesight legend is a myth.


Root vegetables gone wilde!


Final Product