Hmmm, now I need a new goal.

Living a healthy lifestyle is always my goal. I’m relatively good about eating well, but if left to my own devices I would do nothing but cardio all the time, and I’ve realized recently how awesome strength training is. In order to motivate myself to continue to lift heavy objects on a regular basis I may need something slightly more deadline/humiliation based. That’s why I’m choosing this as my next gym-motivating goal:


I’m going to Israel this summer. There are a few reasons behind my choice of vacation destination: 1) I can go on a two-week vacation, airfare and lodging included for $600, 2) Last time I went to Israel it was rainy and cold and I did not get the Mediterranean oasis I was promised, and 3) The Fella is from Tel Aviv and I’m going to meet the fam and friends…eek!

I’ve never been a bikini wearer. I’ve owned them before, but usually I chicken out in lieu of something more conservative. This summer I am going to wear that florescent coral bikini on the beaches of Tel Aviv and I’m not going to feel the least bit self-conscious.

Arguably, this goal is not quite as urgent/once-in-a-lifetime as my best friend’s wedding, but hey I do what I can with what I have—and I already bought the bathing suit.

I’m a goal person. I need milestones to keep me motivated. How do you stay motivated to attain your fitness goals?



Trader Joe’s Vanana yogurt with High Fiber Cereal


Egg drop soup

Steamed chicken and broccoli over brown rice


This would be me scraping the barrel of my refrigerator barrel,
Mashed kabucha squash and baked tofu

Exercise: None, hence the realization that I need a new goal!