Lately I’ve been feeling a wee bit like a pack mule. Rare are the days that I’m at my own apartment for more than 24-hours at a clip. If you see a weary looking brunette wandering the streets of New York City carrying clothes and a computer with her wherever she goes, or sleeping on the Long Island Railroad, that’s me—say hi. Between helping my parents move (an ongoing task that will take until the end of the month), staying over The Fella’s, my BFF’s wedding (three days!), and Thanksgiving, I don’t know when I’ll next be able to do normal people things like grocery shop—probably the first week of December.

I say this in warning that my food choices may start looking a wee bit strange in the next couple of weeks (soy dogs in a tortilla, anyone?). I still have some food stores, a tiny bit of produce, soy dogs, Boca burgers, egg whites, and peanut butter. Hopefully when the month changes, so will my schedule, but until then I’m just going to have to make do with the remnants of my pantry. Please don’t eat as I eat.


Egg white omelet with asparagus


Vanilla protein shake with almond milk


Soy dogs in a tortilla (I’m out of buns)


Almond milk hot cocoa
Tortilla with peanut butter


I feel asleep immediately upon returning home from spin class. Forgot about dinner L

Exercise: AM: Strength–
Bicep & Back; PM: 45-min spin class