I’m still knee-deep in editing stuff. Unfortunately this is  not the timeline I was supposed to be working with. Writing is hard. I should have considered an easier career. Perhaps something simple like molecular biology, that doesn’t take a lot of know-how, right?

Okay, maybe I’ll stick with writing.

When it started to seem like a “The Shining” moment was inevitable, The Fella suggested I back away from my keyboard slowly and venture out into the great outdoors. There’s a whole big world out there that doesn’t have anything to do with typing. It’s kind of fun. You should check it out.

We took a sanity break today and walked around Central Park. Seriously, that place sure knows how to make you feel all awe inspired. It’s easy to be consumed by the sky scrapers and ubiquitous cement that is New York City, but there’s this tiny little oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle that reminds you it’s important to unplug, breathe deep, and enjoy the small stuff.

I need those reminders more and more these days.

Since I’m relatively sure I used all of my words up today, I’m going to give you pictures. Look at the pretty!

Oooh, waffle stand.  Mmmmm.

I’m the luckiest duck ever.

Even luckier than this duck.

Handsome guy, beautiful city, and coffee—what more can a girl ask for?

Food, I guess.


Scrambled egg whites with broccoli, kiwi

    Lunch and snacks

Doesn’t everyone carry around salad, fruit, muffins, and protein bars around in their purse?


Roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts

Exercise: Strength Training: Triceps and Chest; 45-minute jog