I saw this on Post Secret. I’d like to say I had a very successfully un-“slutty” Halloween.

Last week was nuts for me. I took time off from blogging to focus on helping my parents and finishing my book proposal. It feels good to be back. Hi!

In between packing and editing I spent some time working on my Halloween costume. I was a marionette. Modest, pretty, and fun. After a hard week of work and packing I spent the weekend partying it up in costume, my friends and I even walked in the famed New York City Halloween Parade—I’ve never had so many people ask to take pictures with me. It was kind of like being a Kardashian for a night, only without the whole divorce thing (Sigh, I know bad joke. I can’t help it, I am a gossip writer afterall).

I’m finding random pictures all over the Internet. Pictures like this:

Proof that you can have a still rock Halloween and not have to worry about catching any cooties from the seats on the subway.

Now I have to think of something for next year, preferably something that won’t whack people in the head while I’m dancing.

What did you do for Halloween? What should I be next year?


It was a Starbucks breakfast for me.
Fruit salad and venti coffee


Chocolate protein muffin


Salad with chicken, Caesar dressing


Burrito: Multi-grain tortilla, refried beans, soy “beef crumbles” and salsa

Exercise: None. Rest Day