In the theatrical world there’s a dreaded period called “Hell Week.”

Those two little words are enough to strike fear and eye rolls in the most seasoned of performers. Basically, it’s the last week of rehearsal when technical instruction takes over. Lights, microphones, and costumes are perfected, all while directors and choreographers lose patience with performers and everyone feels frazzled and exhausted.

I’m having a life hell week.

I’m helping my parents pack, clean and move; having more bridesmaid dress fittings; finishing my book proposal; and building my Halloween costume in time for the famed NYC Village Halloween Parade–all while keeping up with my regular work and class schedule.

I’m feeling spread a little thin and photographing my food, and even hitting the gym, is being placed on the back burner until my regularly scheduled life resumes on Monday.

The best part about hell week is that once it’s over the fun starts. . .