I hope that I’ve made it sufficiently clear in the years that I’ve written this blog that I am a total spazolla.

It can be intimidating to be female in the land of barbells. Deep down inside I know that I’m just as entitled to the weight room as the big fellas in their tiny tank tops and massive muscles, but it took me a long time to really feel comfortable outside of the “machine” area of the gym. It also took me a long time, and a lot of trial and error, to figure out which of those massive (or not so massive) weight plates I should be using for different exercises. Now that I am, I’m hooked. I even grunt sometimes.

Having said that, sometimes, times like Wednesday, I embarrass myself.

While visiting my family and friends on Long Island earlier this week I hit the gym with some friends. While my two super muscleman companions hit the yoga studio (ironic?), I hit the weight room. And then I dropped stuff, a lot of stuff. And I made a lot of noise doing it.

In my excitement I had an awesome lapse in judgment. As I was setting up the Smith Machine for weighted squats, I forgot to setup the machine without weights before I started. Instead I loaded up the machine with weight plates, and then tried to lift the barbell with my arms. Let’s just say I can lift a lot more with my legs than my arms, and what proceeded to happen was Kim flying backward in the gym, dropping the barbell and then knocking over a whole bunch that made a pretty clanging noise.

Yes, people stared. Then the gym monitor proceeded to follow me around for the rest of my workout, hinting all the while that I may just want to stick to the treadmill.

Ugh. It’s a good thing I’m not easily swayed by embarrassment.

Have you ever had any embarrassing gym moments?



What happens when you go to Starbucks with your gym bag?
You end up eating a protein bar for breakfast. Mmmm?

Actually, as far as protein bars go Optimum Nutrition brand Whey Crisp Bars are pretty tasty. I washed it down with a Grande Americano with soy milk.


Broccoli, turkey mini-meatloaves, a plethora of condiments

Post Gym

I decided a needed some yummy, yummy sugar post workout. I was feeling a little faded so I stopped at a bodega for some chocolate almond milk. It’s not quite as good of a recovery drink as regular chocolate milk because it lacks the protein cow’s milk has. On the flip side it doesn’t make my stomach grumble.


Chili tacos. Turkey chili with lite cheese and hot sauce in corn tortillas

Exercise: 45-minutes of incline walking, 60-minutes of strength training