T-minus a hand full of hours until my bridesmaid dress fitting.

I did not lose my last couple of Operation Hot Bridesmaid pounds, but I’m still pretty proud of the work I’ve put into this wedding. I’ve lost 18lbs since I first tried my dress on in April. Next stop maintenance.

Maintenance is, if you ask me, the most difficult part of weight loss. There are thousands of diet books on the market at any given moment, but you never really see books on how to maintain your weight after you lose. The reason: it’s really hard, and it’s all about trial and error.

My strategy going into maintenance now is to continue with my increase in strength training, cut back a bit on cardio and slightly increase my caloric intake. I’ll do all of this incrementally and monitor how my pants fit until I find the perfect combination.

I’ll keep you posted, this may be harder in practice than it is in theory.

What are your tips for maintenance?



Breakfast burrito (it’s easier to photograph pre-rolling): multi grain tortilla, refried beans, egg whites and hot sauce


Chocolate protein muffin (unphotographed)


Whole wheat pasta with spinach, beefless beef crumbles and marinara sauce

Post workout snack

Chocolate peanut butter protein bar


Warm chickpea and tahini salad

Exercise: 35-minute elliptical, 60-minute strength training