Runner’s knee, methinks I have it.

I’ll know for sure when I go to the doctor tomorrow. I started feeling the tell-tale ache in my knee about two weeks ago. The fella even woke up a few days ago complaining that his knee hurt; I think I’ve been whining so much he developed sympathy pains. Over the last two weeks I’ve tried to compromise in my workouts, focus mostly on strength training, do some cardio but try to make it low-impact, and take more rest days.

Unfortunately my knee is a stubborn lass and she’s not interested in my compromises.

Apparently she doesn’t understand the bridesmaid dress deadline I’m on—my fitting is next week!

After two weeks of Ibuprofen and ice wraps I decided it was finally time to call in the pros, and I called my doctor. I’m also thinking I may actually have to take some legit time off from the gym to give this sucker time to heel. Although, my trainer is adamant that I could probably massage the pain away. I don’t believe him, but I did let him poke around my knee with this thumb today. I told him if his massage cured me I’d buy some protein powder or something.

Needless to say, I’m quite perturbed by my body’s serious lack of cooperation. Have you ever suffered from a sports/overuse injury? How did you treat it? How long did it take to heel?




Protein pancakes with maple syrup


Hot and sour soup
Cucumber, carrots, and hummus


Pre and post workout snacks
Chocolate protein shake with almond milk
Chocolate protein muffin


Acorn squash stuffed with quinoa, spinach, and Trader Joe’s Beef-less beef crumbles

Exercise: 60-minutes strength training, 45-minute spin class