Some things could only happen to me. I am what some people have called “a walking disaster.”

It’s true, I’m clumsy and oblivious by nature, and sometimes that leads to some pretty hilarious situations.

Situations like yesterday. These days I’ve been walking around like a human camel; carrying everything around in the hump I like to call my gym bag. Inside is everything I need for work (laptop), exercise (spandex), and a romantic life (clothes). What I didn’t pack with me yesterday was contact solution, and I really wish I had.

There I was on the toilet (please don’t picture that), when my contact came out and landed in…well…in the toilet.

I had a double date to go to, no glasses and no contact solution. What resulted was me fishing through the office bathroom for my contact, washing it off in water (you’re not supposed to do that, but what else could I do?) then sticking it in my mouth.

Saliva, I have heard, is the closest thing to saline.

Gross. My life is gross.

I waved and mumbled to my boss then ran to a drug store to buy contact solution for my poddy-contact, all while hoping I wouldn’t get some sort of incurable eye infection. Once there I spit out my left contact, and proceeded to soak it for the next few hours…until date time.

So far I’m not blind, but umm, yeah, some things can only happen to me.

One day I’ll tell you about the time I accidentally flushed my mouth guard down the toilet in college. Ah, memories…

Anything ridiculous happen to you lately?



Egg white omelet with spinach and goat cheese


Chocolate protein shake w/almond milk

Snack 2

I stopped for some fro yo in the afternoon. I was so excited by its icy goodness that I inhaled it before pictures could be taken


Homemade hot and sour soup


Vegetable fajitas

Exercise: 45-min elliptical (I hurt my knee, so I’m trying to go low impact for a while)