And now, an ode to bread and butter:

I met up with a group of writing friends tonight. Not only was dinner fun and inspiring (nothing like hanging out with a bunch of super talented writers to make you want to go home and write), but it was delicious.

It was delicious because there was bread, and there was butter. When the waitress brought the bread basket over I realized that I haven’t been greeted by warm buttery bread in a long time (I guess I haven’t been going to the right kinds of restaurants). Then I wondered if my cohorts would think it was weird if I caressed the bread and whispered sweet nothings to the butter.

I didn’t do it, but I thought about it. I also thought about putting the whole basket in my purse. When my lustful ways subsided, my philosophical ones kicked it; I started pondering the reasons why bread and butter is so good.  Seriously, it’s the least exciting food there is, it’s so simple.  But I think it’s because it’s simple that it’s so good, as are most of the good things in life.

Whether it be food, fitness, or just good old fashioned fun, it’s the simple things that make me (and I’m going to guess a lot of us) the happiest. A sweet crispy apple, a relaxing walk around the neighborhood, a warm blanket on a cool day–it seems like the simpler it is, the more comforting it is.

Simple often seems like an offensive adjective, but I think it’s time we reclaim the word. There’s beauty in simplicity and comfort in the little things. I’m not one to turn down an elaborate meal or a trendy new fitness class. I love me some extravagant vacations, and fancy clothes, but between you and me those things are best when consumed in moderation. I’ll take a run over the newest boot camp, and jeans over sequins any day.

What’s your favorite “simple” thing (food, fitness, fun, friends, Friday nights?)


Brown rice tortilla, egg whites, tomato and hot sauce


Strawberry kefir


Butternut squash, turkey meatloaf and ketchup


You know in old prison movies how prisoners only got to eat bread and butter?
I never got why that was a bad thing.

Salad with grilled chicken and vinaigrette

Exercise: Cardio day: 30-minutes stair mill; 30-minutes elliptical