I few weeks ago I started taking a lunch-time personal ethics class. You know, for fun and inspiration…and a free lunch.

The topic this week: balance; finding balance in our lives and its importance to our overall happiness. What I left with, other than a full stomach, was the overwhelming feeling that I am totally out of balance right now.

The thing that I’m most excited about, working on a book is the thing that seems to be falling by the wayside. I was supposed to get the book proposal to my literary agent last month. My new unofficial goal is the end of next week. Instead I seem to be procrastinating by following through on another goal: getting in the best shape of my life. Also important, but it’s not necessarily healthy if I’m using it to avoid other things.

It’s not that I don’t want to write my book, I do, and I think it will be really helpful to other people. I’m also very lucky to have people behind me professionally that think I can do it. It’s just that I’m scared. Unlike my blog, that deals with my day-to-day life, my memoir focuses a lot on my past, and things that I’ve never really discussed on a public platform. Putting those things out there for the world to judge is a wee bit intimidating.

I’ve got to get over that.

Getting in (really awesometastic) shape is also important to me. While I use my best friend’s wedding as a great milestone, there’s something else driving me. I’m in my late 20s now. I know that pretty soon my metabolism is going to start slowing down, and if I really want to have a shot at having the body I’ve always wanted, strong and defined, now’s a good a time as any to get there. The older I get, the harder it’s going to be. Not impossible, but it’ll be a lot easier to maintain if I start that journey now.

Then there are the other things in my life: work, family, friends, boyfriend, that pesky sleep that I need every night. I’m not doing my best to balance it all.

I’m working on finding my inner balance, a little bit at a time. An hour of writing, a phone call to my mother, a spin class, an email to a friend, and a gossip column at a time.

How do you find balance in your life?



Scrambled egg whites with spinach
Ezekial toast


Chocolate whey protein and almond milk


Whole wheat wrap with tofurky, tomato and the spicest mustard ever
Carrots and cucumber slices


Post workout chocolate protein muffin


Cauliflower soup
Turkey meatloaf

Exercise: 30-minute step mill, core and upper body strength training (with a personal trainer!)